Dave Against MS

Hi everyone,

I am Dave & welcome to my page “Dave Against MS”. This website will follow my life, the ups, the downs & the funny. There will be helpful videos explaining what MS is, some of the treatments available, & how I personally have dealt with MS since I was 19. Soon we will hopefully be launching a podcast. I hope to chat to many of you, listen to your experiences, how MS has affect your life & how you cope.


I have been on Instagram for just over a year, during that time I have spoken to many of you amazing people who have understood my thoughts, my feelings & my fears. Your understanding & empathy has helped me feel not so alone in this battle. It is an invisible illness & like anything it is hard for others who do not have it to truly understand. It has taken me a long time to be able to speak openly about my experiences. My approach towards my MS for a long time was pretending it wasn’t there. I avoided anyone else who had it & avoided talking about it as much as I could. I carried on with life as normal. It worked for a while as carrying on as normal as you can is important as long as you listen to your body. However, ignoring what was happening to my body was not a practical solution. I now feel ready to share my life, my struggles & my triumphs with you all.


The whole purpose of this website is to help others, If I can help just one person then this website will have succeeded. There is already such a strong MS community out there, I just want to do my little bit. I hope you find my new adventure both educational & entertaining. Thank you for reading & thank you for visiting my new website, I hope you enjoy it.

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