Dave’s Living With MS Blog – January 2019

Welcome to the first of the new style living with MS blog. As I mentioned before, I will be doing an overview of the best and worst bits of each month.It’s hard to believe the first month of 2019 has already gone, wow, where did the time go? I hope all of you wonderful people have had an amazing productive start to the year. I had a rocky start myself. The chest infection I’ve had since Christmas was still lingering around and I got prescribed my fourth course of antibiotics and second course of steroids. I was dealing with blocked airways and coughing up delightful phlegm whilst trying to maintain my usual amazing father level, my house husband duties and get some order with my new Custom Fit Programme. I found it a physically exhausting and mentally draining start to 2019.

I did manage to get a few days’ work in this month. I am in a fortunate position right now with employment. I am looking for something a little more permanent, but it must fit in with family and be the right role. That makes me sound picky, and I am, as time is precious, and I do not want to waste anymore of mine. Also, I am benefiting health wise being in my current situation. Ensuring we are as healthy as possible for as long as possible is imperative. In the meantime, it gives me more time to try and do more with the website. I am planning on meeting with a few old friends to discuss a podcast, and yes ladies and gentlemen I have been practicing doing videos (you might have seen my outtakes on Instagram or Facebook). So not only can you read my thoughts you will be able to see my delightful big nosed face as well. I do spoil you guys.


Custom Fit Programme

I had a very frustrating start to my custom fit programme from Dom at Disability Training. I want to clarify that this had nothing to do with Dom or the actual programme itself. The chest infection I had was continually kicking my ass badly and it took so much energy and determination to complete my workouts. This took all the enjoyment out of them which in turn drained any motivation I had left. I want to build on what I achieved with the Warrior Programme. Completing that programme was my first real step into the world of fitness. I have attempted a few times before with gym memberships etc. but to no avail. I was/am insecure with my body and with my knowledge of fitness, I was lazy and a bugger for procrastinating. I didn’t really enjoy working out; I wanted the benefits without putting in the work. Now that I have the desire and motivation to put in the work, my own body is letting me down.

After getting through the first two gruelling weeks, I started to shift the chest infection and speaking with certain people, I started to get that motivation back. I am now starting to see and feel progress in certain areas which also is a massive boost. I am now really enjoying the challenge. I have been getting more comfortable doing the leg days (if you didn’t read my other posts, I was nervous about doing leg exercises and it breaking my body) and with the diet plan (that you must send to Dom weekly). I am feeling good.  Staying healthy isn’t just working out your body, it is also about keeping your mind focused, disciplined and practicing self-love. Sometimes you need help keeping those goals clear in your mind, I am lucky to have certain people to talk to and I genuinely appreciate their help. Also, with the Custom Fit Programme you get weekly calls from the main man himself, Dom. This means if you don’t put in the work or stick to your dietary plans, you’ll have some explaining to do.



Snow Day

Snow!!! We had our first snowfall of the year. I love it when it snows; it is so beautiful, majestic and joyful. The days that follow the snowfall however, not so much, us brits can’t seem to cope when we get the smallest amount of snow. Where I live in the UK, we never get the worst of the weather, yet drivers seem to freak out. I have a friend in Canada (who I call Canada) who informed me even they get idiot drivers in the snow, although with the amounts they get it is a little more justified. But anyway, that is a tomorrow problem, as for tonight, I took the girls out for an evening stroll whilst it was snowing which was lovely. They were happy, I was happy, we threw snowballs and the girls made snow angels. Watching them running around after each other in the snow was so soul warming, it was like all the pain I was feeling from walking out in the cold no longer mattered, because in truth it didn’t. We went home, kicked off the boots and the girls had a nice relaxing bath to warm up. It was a truly beautiful evening.


Fitbit Wars

Laura’s Fitbit (which I gave to her over a year ago) has, unlike my Mum, reappeared. With this reappearance comes the app and with the app comes challenges. Laura set up a work week challenge, I know Laura and how that brain inside that extra-large cranium works, she thought because she has a job and does “so much” work she thought she would kick my perfectly formed butt. WRONG!! I was focused, inspired and determined, but mainly I just wanted to prove I do just as much (or in this case) even more movement than she does. The week started with us yapping at each other’s heels like those little yapping dogs. Laura would pull ahead (tut if your mind went to a dirty place, shame on you) then I would, it was a real nail biter all the way up to the end of play on the Wednesday. Then came the storm and Laura was not prepared for the thunder and lightning that came raining down on her (so many innuendos). I cleaned out under the stairs, tidied the garage, did school runs, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner and did bath time, bedtime and my work out!!That was it; I had the week in the bag. To beat me Laura would have to do 10,000 more steps than me on Friday, an impossible feat.

Laura was left with a sour taste and wanted a rematch. She was determined to beat me, happy to go up and down the stairs when items were needed, she even chose to walk around her store instead of playing on the swivel chair; it was like she sucker punched Mr Balboa and stole the eye of tiger. Her efforts were admirable and her intentions were true, but unfortunately I was Clubber Lang in this scenario because even though my watch died half way through Tuesday, I still had a lot of more!! In the end it was a photo finish (if we were horses). To reference Rocky once more it was like the end of Rocky 2, Apollo and Rocky both reaching for the ropes trying to get to their feet before the end of the ten count, Laura was winning then I was winning and then boom Apollo falls and Rocky stands triumphant. Sad to say Laura was Apollo. I was two for two in the challenge wars.



I had mixed feelings at the start of this month; very up and down with my mind state but heading into February I am feeling pretty good. Having real friends to turn to and the Fitbit wars helped get my motivation back. The cold weather has been making mobility hard, especially outside. Therefore, keeping up with my work outs is important; it helps blood flow, strength and mobility.

The cold weather also gave me one of my happier memories of the month, walking in the snow with the girls. I filmed some of it, posting a little on my stories and took some nice photos but, the nicest part was when my phone was in my pocket and I was enjoying that myself right in that moment. I wasn’t watching it through a screen, I was in it. Everything I do, especially when I am pushing my body to its limits, I keep in mind an older Brooke-Haze and an older Ember sitting, reminiscing of days gone by. I then think what memories I want them to remember, do I want them to remember me saying “not today baby I’m tired and hurt” or do I want them to remember their Dad carrying them on his shoulders, playing in the snow, taking them on bike rides, playing at the park. As I am typing this now my eyes are welling up, it is so so so so important to me that they look back and remember feeling loved, important, wanted and needed. That is my secret weapon, my go to thought when I am feeling beaten down, broken, tired and faithless. I have a good imagination and can easily put myself in that position and it is like someone has hit the NOS button and suddenly I’m faster and more furious than Dwayne or Vin.

Me and Laura have been on Uncle and Auntie duties this month with Craig and Kats little one Gary. He is a chilled out happy boy with no fuss, he is that chilled he didn’t give a sh!t when his Daddy walked in to pick him up. He looked up, saw he was there and carried on with what he was doing. Tomorrow is the first day of the February and I am looking after my nephew Freddie for the first time, I am a little nervous but mainly excited. Obviously excited because it’s the first time having him all day but also excited for my brother. We don’t have parents, to be honest in my view they weren’t needed, we have the best Nan in the world, but I want to be the main relative who Mark can rely on in the Hamson side of the family. So, I am hoping it is also nice for Mark to see his awesome, sexy, talented, loveable younger brother having his little bundle of legend for the first time. Will Freddie be alright? Will Dave make it in time to stop Freddie from falling?  Find out in next month’s blog, same Dave Against MS time, same Dave Against MS web address (if you do not get that reference then you suck and make me feel old).


I’d love to hear how January has treated you guys, leave a comment below and share your experiences of the start of 2019.





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