Disability Training – MS Warrior Programme Week 2


Eager to keep the same tempo and momentum from the first week I made sure I started week 2 right. Headphones on, eyes closed and full of positivity. As a little week 2 treat, I decided to purchase some new dumbbells. There was nothing wrong with my old ones but they’re the classic knurled bars with spin off lock nuts and cast iron weight plates. The grip on them is so rough it wrecks your hands if you don’t wear gloves. I tried wearing gloves but it impaired my grip. So I purchased some tantalizing, orgasmic eye pleasing green ones. It wasn’t bicep day but it was the only day I had the chance to go collect them without any hassle. The best way to have a happy day is to be as stress free as it possibly can be.

Day 8 – Monday 15th October 2018

I felt so pleased and proud after the leg workout…I was able to actually do lunges!! Because of the scarring in my neck, my right side is weaker and I am normally unable to do them. I pushed myself, did the best I could do and at the end I was so happy with myself. This is exactly what the MS Warrior Programme is about; facing challenges and building new strength to allow me to live my best life with MS. I used my foam roller straight after (which is also green) to aid with the pains in my muscles.

We also started potty training little Ember, so she is starting on her own life changing adventure with me. What a great start to week 2.


Day 9 – Tuesday 16th October 2018

My legs were sore, but not as sore as I thought they would be. I was in so much pain last week from leg day but this week, I felt good. I put this down to my muscles beginning to get used to the movement patterns in the workout and the foam rolling work I had done at the end of the workout. Even though foam rolling can be painful, it is well worth the benefits and I will continue to use the foam roller at the end of my workout. I read my email from Dom and looked at the day’s workout which was abs. Ab day is one of my favourite workout day’s.

Laura was at work so it was just me and Ember. We got our exercise gear on, snapped our headbands, twisted our wristbands and we were ready to go. Another benefit of the MS Warrior Programme and receiving the daily emails is that it is giving the girls an introduction to fitness and exercise. They are very active children but instilling exercise into their lives early on, even if it is just from an observer’s point of view, can only be a positive thing and will hopefully help them to lead healthy lives as they grow up. I was interrupted during the cool down after the workout by a knock at the door. I did the totally normal thing and quietly crept to the window and teased the blinds open slightly to see who was there, because just going to the front door and seeing who it is is just weird. It was two ladies dressed in what looked like their Sunday best, holding leaflets. I knew then they were most likely going to want to discuss religion. Personally, I am not religious, the girls aren’t christened, but I do not mind discussing it with others, so I went and opened the door.

After my polite discussion regarding whether I believed in faith or if I took a more scientific stance of the big question of how the world was created, it was time for my smoothie and my signature smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. For tea, I had salmon again with some green vegetables. I have been using the fitbit app on my phone to help keep track of my calorie intake which I find really useful.


Day 10 – Wednesday 17th October 2018

It was hump day and time to put those orgasmic, eye pleasing dumbbells to good use. Laptop set up ready, dumbbells in hand, the eye of the tiger was in my eye, let’s go. I finished the workout feeling strong, thinking I had stolen the arms of Mr Stallone himself. This was until I had looked in the mirror and staring back was my usual arms, not so much Stallone after all.

Day 11 – Thursday 18th October 2018

With the end of the week approaching I was feeling fatigued. My body was feeling good, my biceps sore from the day before but overall I was feeling tired. I snoozed my alarm as much as I could before getting up for the school run. The exercises are going really well, I’m genuinely really enjoying the workouts, but the food side of the programme is proving to be difficult. The issue seems to be, I love food, the wrong kind of foods. I usually have Alpen with chia seeds & almond milk for breakfast every day which to me sounds like an amazing healthy breakfast (especially by my standards). I would eat flapjacks as snacks instead of crisps and chocolate, water instead of squash drinks, smoothies (because I hate the texture of fruit), green teas instead of many regular teas (I still have teas; I mean I’m only human). But, these changes aren’t the changes that best suit my goals and goal lifestyle. I was sat with my belly screaming me “feed me Seymour” (like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors for you young people who do not get the reference) and my brain reminiscing of the day’s I would sit gleefully on the sofa as I munch a bunch of monster munch, nom nom nom. I was being attacked from both angles and I thought there was no way out, then, I remembered how good I felt going to bed the night before and how I haven’t missed the bloated, uncomfortable pains that follow after a cheeky bag of Wotsits. I stayed strong, I powered through and at bedtime I felt good.

Day 12 – Friday 19th October 2018

Friday!! In our house Fridays are also known as Dave’s day, Daddy’s day or most importantly rest day. I had slept terribly the night before (less than 4hrs sleep) and I wasn’t feeling great. However, I needed to get my sexy buns of steel out of bed and get the two little stinkers ready for school and nursery. After I dropped them off I went home and laid on my bed. I really battle my own brain in situations like these. I know rest will be good for my body, I also know this is a fantastic time to get the house chores done that prove more difficult with the pitter patter of Ember under my feet. The latter usually wins, but not this Friday. I had a lazy morning before I had my haircut at 12pm. I set an alarm just in case I nodded off. Again, proving how wise I am because I did fall asleep.

After my haircut, I tidied, cleaned and before I knew it, it was pick up time. This Friday was unique though. It was unique because I was actually going out of the house…wait for it… in the evening! I went to the cinema with my good friend Anthony (you happy now you’ve been mentioned?) to watch Venom. We didn’t go too late as he knows I struggle with sleep etc. and I have a routine to wind down before bed (a little OCD but I don’t care), which he understands and isn’t an issue. This is pretty great and is appreciated (I have another post coming soon with more information on this subject). No workout today which was a blessing after my lack of sleep. Rest and recovery is just as important as the workouts.

Days 13 & 14 – Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2018

Saturday was a tiring day. I was still feeling the effects of bad sleeping and going out plus, Ember woke up twice screaming “Daddy!!” When Laura went to work at 5.30am Ember got in bed with me. She laid there so cute, thumb in her mouth holding my hand. I thought to myself “I’m so lucky I get to fall asleep next to this angel” An hour later she’s still awake, has wiggled into a sideways position and is kicking my back, no longer an angel but a devil. So that was two nights running with little sleep. There wasn’t a workout scheduled for today. However, when I realised how hectic Sunday was going to be hectic, I decided to get an upper body workout in to keep on track with the programme.

Sunday came far too fast and we took the girls to meet up with one of Laura’s childhood friends and her kids. It turned out to be a really nice day, the weather held stayed sunny and all the kids played nicely, I even showed some true athleticism without hurting myself (this time).It was a lovely way to end the week and nothing warms the soul more than watching your own flesh and blood loving life.


This week has concentrated more on the information behind the workouts and the best ways to achieve the results you are seeking. This is important because your goals determine which foods and exercises are best for you. This programme is really educating me, so by the end of the 12 weeks my body and mind will both be in better shape. Seeing the girls play and be so happy showed me exactly why I am doing all this. Yes I am doing it for me, to improve myself, but more importantly I am doing this for them, so they have a father who can do all the fatherly duties they need/want me to do. It is one thing for MS to have an impact on my life; I find it unacceptable that it impacts theirs.





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