Disability Training – MS Warrior Programme Week 3

Week 3 was half term week, which means Brooke-Haze was home all day for 9 days, which I was really excited about. It also meant lots of busy days, long days, painful days, testing days and happy days, bittersweet happy days. The Sunday of week 2 was one of those days. We went and met up with one of my wife’s friends she’s known since her school days (so many, many, many years ago). She has kids of similar ages to ours and it was a really nice day which everyone, including myself enjoyed.


Day 15 – Monday 22nd October 2018

Paying the price for the previous day’s festivities, I was tired, hurting, numb and my muscles just didn’t want to work. It was another busy day, but not fun. We had dentist appointments, doctor’s appointments and the girls had their hairs cut, it was full on. It might not sound a lot to some but just constantly being in and out the house and the car is bad enough when you’re feeling broken, but with two young children it just raises the difficulty level. This isn’t a moan; it is just trying to express to people living without a chronic illness just how taxing day to day life can be for us MS warriors. Living with MS with a young active family is tricky as you’re constantly juggling with your health. It is both physically and mentally exhausting. Anyway I digress, because of the busy family day and the busy appointment day I knew it would only cause more damage doing the leg day workout. Knowing your body and listening to it is almost as important as exercising. I decided to rest up, do my balance exercises, fuel my body with healthy, nutritious food and do leg day once my body has rested.


Day 16 – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Tuesday was an early start as our cat was supposed to have a minor operation, which meant she wasn’t allowed out the night before.  But the cheeky feline broke through her locked cat flap and escaped into the night. We took her down to the vet anyway but she was not able to be seen; naughty Daisy. I wished I had gotten a little more sleep as I was feeling slow and was suffering with what can only be described as brain fog. I kept stretching to help with the pain in my right leg, had a cup of tea or two and slowly began to feel human again (well as human as you can with MS). Before we had tea I decided to attempt to do the leg day workout I’d missed the day before. It was hard, but with a little modification it was completed and the girls even got involved a little bit. However, when I was finished I had no energy for the abs workout. Before I started I genuinely thought I would be able to do both, but for the first time probably ever, I was wrong. Wednesday is my birthday so I can’t see myself catching up until at least Thursday.


Day 17 – Wednesday 24th October 2018

My birthday!!! 33 years young. I woke up being serenaded by two little angels (anyone who saw my IG story that day will have also been blessed). It made me realise just how lucky I really am. After being spoilt with presents, I got up, had breakfast and worked out my 33 year old guns. Afterwards, we went out for a nice lunch with my brother and his partner. Mark had to meet us on his lunch break so time wasn’t a luxury; it turned out neither was our waitress. Her attitude was terrible. We asked for drinks that never arrived, although they did manage to arrive on the bill, and food was ordered that also didn’t come until prompted. The restaurant wasn’t even that busy, I’d hate to see how she performs when the place is packed. After lunch we went to see my Nan. Nan was doing okay, a little tired, but considering she’s 92 she is doing amazing. Another reminder of how lucky I am. Just as I was making a cup of tea for me and Nan, my wife gets a phone call from my brother’s partner asking a favour. Of course we said yes. So I gave Nan her cup of tea, poured mine away and we said our goodbyes. We raced home in hopes of salvaging some of our planned evening together, because I was genuinely looking forward to it. I felt it was time we both needed, especially me. Due to work commitments, the girls, my MS and a lack of people for child minding duties, we rarely get to spend quality time together. I had no such luck. I fed the girls, put them to bed and was in bed at 9pm watching the Gooonies by myself.


Day 18 – Thursday 25th October 2018

I originally woke up still a little disappointed with how my birthday ended. I sat up in bed, grabbed my headphones, stretched out my legs and took my tablets whilst singing along to DeBarge. By the time I had finished my morning routine I was feeling better. While I sat alone in bed the previous night watching Sloth feed Chunk a Baby Ruth, my mind was clouded. I could only see my side of the situation. Now, I pictured Jenni worried about her ill father, who is in a hospital miles away on his own. I imagined myself in that situation, with one of my family members in hospital in another city. I also pictured Freddie, my nearly ten month old nephew who has had a horrible week suffering from hand foot and mouth as it is his Grandad who is in hospital miles away. My girls are growing up without their amazing Nanny (Laura’s mum who passed away 2 years ago), it hurts to see how sad Brooke-Haze still gets, because I want to fix it, but I can’t. In that moment, any grumblings on my part washed away and I was overcome with empathy and gratitude. I’m pleased we could help, I’m grateful to have these people in my life and I’m grateful for my wife and kids. There is nothing more important than family. I hope Jenni’s Dad gets better and is able to come home soon.


I finally managed to get caught up on my workouts. Thursday’s workout was all about balance. The balance workout isn’t a high impact routine so I felt confident I’d be able to do this one and Tuesday’s abs workout without breaking my body. I ended the day strong and feeling better.


Day 19 – Friday 26th October 2018

Whenever it’s a school holiday, Fridays are known as “Brookie Day.” Ember goes to nursery so it’s just me, Laura & Brooke-Haze. Brooke-Haze loves her Brookie days; she gets to decide where we are going and what we are doing. Like most 5 year olds who have a piggy bank of money, she chose the toy shop. We had a nice lunch and then homeward bound we went so Brooke-Haze could play with her new toys.


I was tired from the early start and the walk around town. When we got home Laura tortured me with Hollyoaks to the point I was drained of my energy, my soul and my life. I rested then before I knew it; it was time to collect Ember from nursery. No workout today. This week has not been good for me.



Day 20 – Saturday 27th October 2018

I slept sooo bad Friday night. It was around 3.40am before I got to sleep. I was tired, grumpy and hurting, I was not a happy boy. The morning was a slow morning. I got moments of energy that were quickly depleted by the smallest of activities. In the afternoon we went pumpkin picking with Mark Jenni & Freddie. It was cold, windy and muddy but I will admit it was fun. It was the first time taking the girls out in our new car and it was nice seeing Freddie smiling and looking happy after his illness. Brooke-Haze was lethal with her wheelbarrow, crushing pumpkins in her path (she actually picked her wheelbarrow up but that doesn’t sound as cool). At home afterwards I couldn’t get warm. I had caught a chill. Brooke-Haze, Ember and I went upstairs and watched TV in bed like three lazy monkeys. I was then once again tortured by Laura’s TV choices, making me watch X-Factor (you can’t see but I was crying big big baby tears).



Day 21 – Sunday 28th October 2018

Sunday was an emotional day as it was Laura’s late Mum’s birthday. She sadly passed away 2 years ago. She is missed every day and has left a big hole that can never be filled. Brooke-Haze was 3 years old and Ember was only 10 months. My wife has done so well over the past two years, juggling grieving, working a full time job, being a parent and sorting out her mother’s estate. To talk to her you wouldn’t know anything is wrong but inside her heart has been broken. We went out for a lovely lunch with her brother Craig and his wife Kat. It was a nice meal (best Sunday dinner I’ve had out, ever) and nice for Laura as she doesn’t get to see her brother much as they both have busy lives and commitments, so the time they do spend together is precious. Me and Laura smashed out the upper body workout and finally got caught up on the week’s workouts.




This week has been a bittersweet week. Family time has been amazing like always, however, I struggled to keep up with the workout schedule due to family time, which has had a negative impact on me mentally. I still struggle finding the balance between life and my health, I am hoping it will ease out over the next week or so. Sunday was a sad day, but it was another reminder to value the people you have in your life today because one day there won’t be a tomorrow. If the world has endless possibilities to what you can be, be happy.





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