Yoga Stretch Strap Review

Name: Scotamalone Stretch Strap

Where to buy:Amazon (

Price: £8.99

Overall Dave Score: 8 out of 10

Product name, product overview

The Scotamalone Stretch Strap is a long strap with hand/foot handles going the whole length to help with deep stretching and yoga stretches.

The Good & The Bad

​The good:

  1. Grab handles
  2. Length (for all different type of stretches
  3. Comes in different colours

The bad:

  1. The material isn’t elastic
  2. Doesn’t come with stretch examples

Who is product for?
​This is a great product for anyone who has a little trouble streching certain muscles or anyone starting out in yoga. It is long enough to help get a good stretch in your calves and hamstrings, it can also help with some more difficult yoga positions.

My Final Opinion of product – Dave For or Dave Against?

​I think for the price this is great product. I do not use it everyday but I do use it when I feeling tighter than usual, or when I am on my own and need to get a deeper stretch in my muscles. It isn’t elasticated to use it for exercises but that isn’t what is made more, that in mind my verdict is Dave is definitely FOR.

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